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These are also familiarly referred to by some as the “Cholesterol Route”. In reality, this is a beautiful prehistoric walk, almost flat, along paths that separate olive fields from woods of holm oaks and pine trees on the area´s mountainside that also constitute some of the possible starting points for the climb up to  Puig del Teix.

If you depart from the bus stop, you need to head eastward along the footpath of the street-road coming from Palma. At the departure point there is a gentle climb until you reach the highest point of the road where there is a traffic light. A few metres further eastward, on the left of the street, heading towards Palma, you will find a paved stairway leading to the “possessió” of Son Gual.


It is a beautiful three-storey country house with a defence tower from the 17th century. The access door has a rounded arch linking up via a corridor with an inner patio, with gantries and a sundial. The property was purchased by Archduke Ludwig Salvator at the end of the 19th century, in order to use it as a residence for his guests. A large part of the property’s land was developed years later.


Having gone past the houses of Son Gual you continue eastward along the resort´s streets. Soon afterwards you need to take an earth path on the left. A few metres further along, you will find an open gate and a sign pointing towards the public area of  Son Moragues, a refuge, etc. After walking for a while you will come to a metallic barrier that prevents access in vehicles. In reality, you are entering private property where access is allowed. Always stick to the path, going across the land. You will come across a total of three side roads, one going up and two going down, you should ignore all of them.


On your right is the valley, the terraces (marges), and the Sa Coma land, which has not been developed. Opposite, to the left, is the Serra de Son Moragues, and to the right, Mola de Pastoritx. Through the middle hill, Pla dels Xots de Dalt, you can make out the rocky and majestic “Sa Rata”. Finally, you will come to another big fence, which prevents access to vehicles, but not pedestrians.

Immediately, there are two paths, one on the left leading to the refuge of Els Cairats and to the Teix, and another on the right that takes you to Sa Coma. You need to take the latter, which begins at that point, a gentle descent down to the lands of Sa Coma. During this part of the journey you have to go through two gates that can be opened, the first, a metal one, must always be closed behind you, and a second, made of wood, in the environs of the Sa Coma houses.

Straight away, there is path going southward that leads to Son Homar, Es Mirabó and Son Verí. Continue straight on towards the houses of Sa Coma.