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Leaving Valldemossa, you will take the MA-10 road heading towards Esporles/Banyalbufar, leaving behind grounds of Son Olesa and Vistmar, and passing the houses of Son Ferrandell. Afterwards, on your right, you will come to the George Sand resort. Once you enter the resort, you will turn again on the street you immediately find on the right, and it will take you to the feet of the little hill crowned by an Arabian style tower.




The estate of Son Ferrandell was acquired by the Archduke in 1890, however the exact construction date of the tower remains unknown. It is known that in 1895 there was a path that went from Son Ferrandell to the Vantage Point of Puig de sa Moneda.

The tower is mentioned for the first time in 1909, and it seems that the builder was Guillem Fiol Gelabert. This is an Arabian style tower, inspired by one of the minarets of the great mosque of Kairouan (Tunisia). The lower body is shaped like a pyramid, with a cornice in the upper part; it is 5 metres wide at the base and 4 metres high. The access door is an iron arch that has a wrought iron gate. The tower consists of two floors linked by a spiral staircase that, through two double doors with an iron arch, leads to a terrace without a protective barrier. On the other sides, you will find the same doors but they have been walled up. The upper body of the tower is cube-shaped and its dome is crowned with cresting. It measures 2.80 m wide by 2.90 m high.



Panoramic Views

The beautiful tower emerges solitary above the rocks and vegetation, facing towards the north coast, between Valldemossa and Deià, and reveals a spectacular valley partly surrounded by the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana that rise up loftily from the base of the plain.


In the distance, you can observe the town of Valldemossa with the bare slopes of the Teix just behind. The views over the sea are extensive and intense, combining marine and zenith blue. From here you can observe the coast from Foradada to the tip of Banyalbufar. This is a windy place, as it is a mountain without natural protection.