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A short excursion, lasting approx. 1h and 50m that has a low difficulty rating. This is aimed at discovering an old communal space, and also an important place in Valldemossa´s religious geography, the molí de la Beata. Within a short space of time, you can observe charming natural landscapes and sites relating to old mountain activities such as carbonejar (coal mining) and nevatejar (snow collecting).


Path directions

You leave from the northwest of the Charterhouse gardens, toward the right if heading from Calle del Uruguai, you will be facing the entrance to the gardens. To the left, the side of the house of Son Mossènyer, rises up with high walls at the base of the building. A few metres along on the left is the access area to Son Mossènyer and on the right is the molí de Son Mossènyer with a cylindrical tower and doorway and windows with horseshoe arches, that were created recently. After the molí de Son Mossènyer you continue straight on, past the path on the left, which goes under the aqueduct of the Charterhouse. The path becomes narrower and the cement paving ends, with holm oaks on the left, a little climb begins over stairs made from irregularly shaped rock, where the path gives the impression of simply disappearing. Some metres further along, the climb softens, reaching a flat area, which serves as an observation point with views over the Charterhouse gardens area. The path becomes wider and you climb gradually among holm oaks, gorse, reeds, sarsaparilla, steppe and ivy.


Three or four minutes from the vantage point you leave the path of the Commune in order to visit the little mountain of the Beata, therefore you turn along the path on the left, with a staggered climb, and you will be able to observe honeysuckle specimens. The mill path is short and quick, so you will soon reach the summit of the little mountain of the Beata.


From the mill of the Beata, we head down again towards the path of the Commune which you will reach in less than a minute; from the path of the mill, you turn left. Very soon, on your left you will see the remains of an enormous well that supplied water to the Charterhouse. The well is rectangular shaped, with short sides that are about 8m wide. The construction dates from the second half of the 18th century.


Continue along the path of the Commune with the well some metres further along on the left, and after a few metres you will come to a gateway with a metal gate, on the left is the house named sa Teulera. A few metres further along, on the right the house´s north side, the fountain of na Llambies comes into view. The first mention of the monastery of the Charterhouse being supplied with water from this fountain dates back to 1650.


The path of the Commune continues on the left, rising in the form of a staggered slope that becomes a bridal path; on the left you go past several walls of olive orchards, you follow along the right of the path, which is full of stretches of vegetation.

Walking up the path, a little over fifteen minutes from the fountain of na Llambies you will reach a vantage point with good views over Valldemossa; on the right there is a dry wall while the climb continues until you arrive at the gateway to the Commune, with the wooden gate. The path continues towards the left, parallel to the wall, until it soon bends to the right, and soon afterwards you reach the small plain named en Penyalot.


From en Penyalot, you continue to the right towards the peak of the Commune. Some metres further along, the path takes a left hand, among holm oak groves and strawberry trees. Just afterwards, a few metres on, you will come to a wall crossing you path on the right hand side, which you need to go around. Having gone past the past the wall, continue along the path, passing impassable natural rocks. After three minutes, you will reach a pond that is to the right of the path. Immediately the path begins to climb more sharply, in such a way that it forms a series of curves, within three minutes they lead to the highest area of the Commune, named ses Mossetes.


In the summit area of the Commune of Valldemossa, you will find two “sitges” and on the left, a charcoal miner´s hut reused by hunters; you can also see a bread oven and a trap for hunting thrushes.