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This is a 30-minute walk among olive and holm oak groves that takes you to a small oratory. The path begins at the exit of the gardens of the Charterhouse, when you turn left and take the Son Mossènyer path. Firstly, you will pass alongside a mill, which has now been converted into a private residence, before taking a left hand turn and going under a small and beautiful aqueduct which was used in the past to supply water to the Charterhouse. To the right, you go up the path until you can see a little house that will serve as a reference point.

From here, you take a track that heads off into the wood and takes you to a little mound where there is a stone cross and an old abandoned mill next to a small chapel built in honour of Saint Catalina Thomàs. It bears this name as it was the place chosen by Catalina in order to carry out her prayers and meditation. This is a sacred sanctuary for the people of Valldemossa, it is a symbol of wishes and a place of promises where floral offerings are left to the Saint. From this privileged spot, you can admire all of the valley`s geography, sheltered by its mountains with views over the sea and the city of Palma, making it a location that is ideal for retreat and peaceful meditation.