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Miguel de Unamuno was a Spanish writer and philosopher who belonged to the Generation of ‘98. His work encompassed a wide range of literary genres such as novels, essays, theatre and poetry. He was also a, Member of Parliament in the Spanish Courts of the Republic, between 1931 and 1933, representing Salamanca. He was appointed rector of the University of Salamanca on three occasions: the first in 1900, and the last in 1931, until he was removed from the role in 1935, under orders from General Franco.


Unamuno visited the island in the summer of 1916. Joan Sureda had him come to stay at his house at the Charterhouse of Valldemossa and his wife painted a portrait of him.


“Having barely finished the work of the academic year, I came to the blessed land of Mallorca – one of the few places in Spain that I did not know – to have a little rest”;

thus begins the first of the three chapters that he dedicated to the “Golden Island” in his “Andanzas y visiones españolas” (Spanish Adventures and Visions) entitled “In the calm of Mallorca”: the other two are: “On the golden island” and “The olive trees of Valldemossa”, the latter has the subtitle “Remembrance of Mallorca” and is dedicated to Sureda´s wife, Mrs Pilar Montaner de Sureda.

Unamuno also has a lot of poems and writing about the Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Habsburg Lorraine, who came to Mallorca in 1866.