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La revista Miramar

La revista Miramar

Posted by Antoni Mir | 22 May, 2018 | Blog

Revista Miramar is a print publication that publishes a special edition each year focusing on a specific aspect of Valldemossa. The first issue was published in 1989. The main backer was the activist, chef and writer Antònia Serrano, who passed away in April 2015. Indeed, the Revista Miramar, dedicated its last issue of the “Plecs de Cultura Popular” to her. It was a publication she herself had backed, and it coincided with the publication of the 100th issue of the magazine.


The magazine is published by the branch of the Obra Cultural Balear (Balearic Cultural Society) in Valldemossa, also founded by Antònia Serrano, along with others. Following the dictatorship of General Franco, there were very few publications in Catalan, and older people did not know how to read or write in Catalan given that it was not taught in schools. In Valldemossa there was the added problem of a lot of Uruguayan emigrants returning, as they only spoke Spanish. Also, the sixties marked the start of the tourism boom. The Premsa Forana magazines, such as Revista Miramar, helped to get people that were not at all familiar with reading in Catalan, more used to it.


“26 years ago there were no computers or email. They would bring written documents that I would then type up. Because the only computer that I had in the end was one that my children bought me. I had to type up the articles, do the initial correction, unify all of the text and look for a photograph. I went from house to house and I took beautiful photographs of all the files, etc….” (Antònia Serrano)

The magazine also carried out priceless historical documentation work of the town, that would not have been gathered together otherwise, and it now allows us to know a lot more about the history of Valldemossa and its inhabitants.

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