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In Valldemossa you can enjoy a wide range of gastronomy, ranging from typical dishes with characteristic Mediterranean products, to food from all over the world. There are aperitifs, spoon dishes, oven cooked and recipes cooked over wood fires. Unique cold meats and desserts, such as the cocas de patatas (potato buns).


Typical gastronomy is based on products that are provided by the land and the Mediterranean Sea, with the trilogy of wheat, vines and olive trees (bread, wine and olive oil). Vegetables, fish, meat that is normally pork, aromatic herbs and olive oil are an essential part of dishes. The cooking of the Balearic Islands ranges from sophistication to naturalness, from using a wealth of ingredients to very few, with a range of strong and delicious registers. The top quality raw produce constitutes the true base of Balearic gastronomy. Such is the case that, generally, only slight manipulation of products is required.


Vegetables in Mallorca have a lot of flavour, this is due to the composition of the soil which is rich in lime. This means that the plants absorb fewer minerals. The vegetables are smaller, but more delicious. Something similar happens with the fish, with flesh and subtle flavours. Depending on the time of year, you can enjoy different varieties of fish. You are certain to become addicted to fish stew, made from baked sea bream, grouper or scorpion fish. There is also quality seafood, with lobsters, crabs and prawns used in dishes as the main ingredients, or to accompany rice dishes and soups.


The island’s extensive recipe book includes emblematic dishes such as “frito mallorquín (fried dish with meat or fish and assorted other ingredients), tumbet (Mallorcan roasted vegetables), trempó (Mallorcan flatbread), Mallorcan soups, oven roast suckling pig, pork and cabbage, snails, filled aubergines, and lots more.


The Balearic Islands are also known for their tradition of producing sausages. In addition to the familiar sobrasada, butifarrons (black blood sausage) and camaiot (cured pork sausage).


The baked goods also deserve a special mention. In the bakeries you can find delicious pastries such as crespells (type of pancakes) and robiols (typical Mallorcan pastries often filled with angel hair) , empanadas, buns (cocas) with vegetables, apricot or sponges such as the gató, the traditional Inca biscuits…Also, you should not forget about the ensaimadas the well-known spiral shaped sweet and the coca de patata a typical dessert from Valldemossa which has a recipe that is hard to beat.


The cheeses made from goat, sheep or cow milk are delicious and highly valued, as is the famous Mahón cheese.


There is also a wide range of wines and liqueurs. Some of these products are subject to special protection and promotion by public administrations. Thus, the creation of an extensive range of denominations of quality has been developed.


In the section listing restaurantsbars and bakeries, you will find places where to eat, enjoy a vermouth or have a good wine in Valldemossa.